Rock Crab “Summer Rolls”



Atlantic Rock Crab meat, frozen 200 g
Carrots julienne 1.25 dl
Celery julienne 1.25 dl
Long snipped chives 1.25 dl
Chopped lettuce 5 cl
Mayonnaise 30 mL
Asian chili paste 2 mL
Lime, zest and juice 1
Minced cilantro 30 mL
Minced mint 15 mL
Dry rice wrappers 6


  • Defrost snow crab meat and lightly squeeze out excess moisture. See note.
  • Mix Rock Crab with other ingredients except julienne vegetables.
  • Lay out rice wrappers on a damp cloth. Dampen the surface by folding damp cloth over wrappers for 3-5 minutes. Remove cloth.
  • Place a layer of rock crab and julienne vegetables along the center of the rice wrapper and roll like a sushi roll.
  • Cut in bite size pieces with a very sharp knife. Serve immediately.

Note: To retain all of the natural flavour of Atlantic Canada seafood products, always defrost them in the refrigerator and never rinse them under cold water.

Courtesy of Chef Stefan Czapalay

Rock Crab “Summer Rolls”