Citrus-Vanilla Butter Poached Lobster

Yield:  4 servings 



Raw Lobster TCKL Meat  4  (6.5 oz, 185 g)
Unsalted Butter, cubed  1  (1lb, 454 g)
Whole Vanilla Bean, split lengthwise  1
Whole Blood Orange, zested and juiced  1
Whole Lime, zested and juiced  1


  • Heat butter in medium pot until fully melted.
  • Scrape the vanilla seeds into the butter (the pods can be steeped as well if desired), add the blood orange and lime zest and juices.
  • Warm butter to 200° F (95° C) remove from heat and allow the butter mixture to infuse for 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Bring the liquid to a poaching temperature of 160-165° F (70-75° C).
  • Poach the lobster in the liquid until desired doneness beginning with the tail, then the claws, knuckles and finally the legs.
  • Please note that the tail will take the longest to cook- in order: place tail, claws, knuckles then legs into the liquid for best results.
  • The tail will take approximately 7 minutes to cook, the claws 4 minutes, knuckles 3 minutes and legs 2 minutes to cook.

 Method for Serving

  • Remove all lobster meat from the poaching liquid and serve immediately with your favorite starch or serve chilled with greens.
  • Arrange lobster body as desired.


Chef’s Tip:   The total poaching time from start to finish should be 6-8 minutes.

Save infused butter for future poaching – just be sure to refrigerate when not in use.

Recipe courtesy of Gourmet Chef Packers


Citrus-Vanilla Butter Poached Lobster