Lobster “Brandade”

Yield: 2 servings



Atlantic Canada Lobster OR Snow crab meat, frozen 200 g
Minced shallots 15 mL
Minced fennel 15 mL
Sliced garlic 25 mL
Whole butter, unsalted 0.50 cl
Dry white wine 25 cl
Double cream 25 cl
Basic mashed potatoes 5 dl
Fresh chopped parsley 10 mL
Fresh snipped chives 10 mL



  • Defrost lobster in refrigerator and if necessary drain any liquid. If using snow crab, after defrosting, lightly squeeze out excess moisture. Set aside.
  • In a heavy-bottomed saucepan, gently cook shallots, fennel, and garlic in butter until tender but without coloring.
  • Add shellfish and white wine, heating at a very low setting just until warmed through.
  • Remove shellfish and fold into mashed potatoes with parsley and chives to make brandade.
  • Add a bit of extra salt-free butter and a bit of cooking liquid if necessary to balance consistency.


  • Reduce the remaining cooking liquid by half and add the cream. Cook until thick and reduced by about half again. Serve warm over and around Brandade.

Note: To retain all of the natural flavour of Atlantic Canada seafood products, always defrost them in the refrigerator and never rinse them under cold water.

Recipe courtesy of Chef Stefan Czapalay

Lobster “Brandade”