Salmon, Atlantic (Farm Raised)

Salmon, Atlantic (Farm Raised)


Salmo salar

With our close proximity to major U.S. markets and year-round production, Atlantic salmon is harvested to order and can be delivered from ocean to plate within 48 hours. It’s no wonder Atlantic salmon is one of our most important exports and New Brunswick’s single, largest agri-food commodity.

Atlantic Canada’s objective of sustainable aquaculture is practiced through improved innovation, technology, and responsible environmental management practices, which comply with strict Canadian and U.S. regulations.

Atlantic salmon is a key source of omega-3 fatty acids, which are considered pivotal in preventing heart disease and reducing the risk of cancer. Health experts recommend eating salmon and other kinds of fish two to three times a week to receive the recommended amount of omega-3 fatty acids in your diet.

It makes sense to choose Atlantic salmon.






Whole fish

head-on, gutted


pin bone out, skinless or skin-on


cut from premium skinless fillet, various seasoning rubs available


premium cuts on skewers

Product Sizes

Whole Fish

4-6 lb, 6-8 lb, 8-10 lb, 10-12 lb, 12-14 lb, 14-16 lb, Pack sizes of 10 – 50 lb styro-box


1-2 lb, 2-3 lb, 3-4 lb, Pack sizes of 10-30 lb styro box


4-10 oz range, Pack size – 10 lb styro-box


5 oz skewers, Pack Size – 10 lb styro-box

Specialty Packs

Hot-Smoked and Cold-Smoked salmon, Atlantic Salmon Burgers

Please note: Packages sizes and products available vary by processor and can be processed to your specifications.

Nutritional Analysis (Per 100g portion)

Energy 220 cal
Protein 21 g
Lipids 15 g (Omega-3 – 2g; Omega 6 – 2g)
Cholesterol 55 mg