Redfish (see also ‘Perch, Ocean’)

Redfish (see also ‘Perch, Ocean’)


Latin Name: Sebastes fasciatus, Sebastes mentella

Atlantic redfish, also known as ocean perch, are found in deep basins and along the edge of the continental shelf off the Atlantic coast. It grows slowly, up to 18-24 inches in length, and live to 50 years old or longer.

Redfish is harvested year-round as part of a regulated and sustainable fishery. Once classified as overfished, management efforts designed to reduce overfishing and rebuild the stock have been successful. In 2017, redfish from fishing area 3LN received MSC certification. Industry and government-led Fisheries Improvement Projects are taking place in other areas (Units 1 & 2) with the goal of achieving MSC certification.

Redfish can be caught by offshore vessels and processed at sea, or harvested by inshore boats and processed into fillets at federally inspected processing plants.

Redfish is moist, firm, and flakey with a mild flavour. It is high in protein and low in fat, making it an excellent choice for health-conscious consumers.

Redfish is available in many product forms and sizes. The 1.5 oz filets are convenient and they’re the perfect size for fish tacos!

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