Herring, Atlantic

Herring, Atlantic


Latin Name: Herring (Clupea harengus harengus) from Atlantic Canada

The provinces of Atlantic Canada have a rich history of being important Atlantic herring suppliers to world markets. The Atlantic herring (Clupea harengus harengus) fishery is diverse and rich in tradition. Harvesting methods range from inshore mobile gear, to large modern herring seiners, to an important weir fishery located in the many coves along the shorelines of the Bay of Fundy. Herring has long been the most important species fished in New Brunswick in terms of volume, and contributes significantly to seafood exports for all of Atlantic Canada.

As diverse as the fishery itself, the processing industry exports quality Atlantic Canadian herring to countries around the world in traditional product forms and in new exciting product formats and flavors that respond to modern consumer preferences.


  • Herring Canned
  • Frozen – Butterfly, Fillet, Round
  • Frozen – Milt, Roe
  • Marinated – Fillet, Round
  • Salted – Round, Dressed, Fillet
  • Round – Fresh, Split
  • Smoked – Salted Split, Hard Cured Fillet, Jerky, Mild Cured

Please note: Pack sizes and products available vary by processor, and can be processed to meet buyers specifications.

Nutritional Analysis (Per 100g portion)

Energy 190 cal
Protein 20 g
Lipids 12 g (Omega-3 – 1.5g; Omega 6 – 3g)
Cholesterol 110 mg

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