Crab, Snow

Crab, Snow


Snow Crab (Chionoecetes opilio) from Atlantic Canada

Snow crab thrives in the icy cold, pristine waters of Eastern Canada. With a hard shell encasing sweet, succulent meat, these snow crab are prized around the world.

Skilled fishers capture the crab in pots, harvesting only prime quality males that meet or exceed the minimum catch site. Females are returned to the water, ensuring a sustainable fishery.

As soon as the snow crab reaches the plant it is processed under exacting standards. To meet customer requirements, Atlantic Canadian Snow Crab is frozen by blast, in brine, or with CO2 or NO2. Atlantic Canada’s Snow Crab comes packaged in a wide selection of products and sizes, frozen and glazed for consistent top quality.

Products Offered

Traditional Size Grades

Pack Sizes

Clusters / Sections 3-5 oz (M), 4 up 3 kg – 13.61 kg
5-8 oz (L), 8 up (2L)
8-10 oz (3L), 10 up (4L
Whole – Cooked or Raw 4-10 pieces per pack 3.5 – 5 kg


Combo Pack 400 g – 2 kg: 5 lb 10 kg – 17 kg
Salad Meat 2 kg: 5 lb
Leg Meat 500 g – 2 kg: 5 lb
Claws (Cap-off) 9/12: 12/16: 16/20 8.16 kg – 13.61 kg
Under 16: 21/25: 26/30: 30/34
Speciality Packs Snap and Eat Clusters/Sections
Split Clusters/Sections  

Notes: Pack sizes and products vary by processor. Please contact individual processors for specific details. Our processors also pack to meet buyer’s specifications.

Product Descriptions

Clusters/Sections: shell-on complete shoulder with full shape –5 legs including claw-on first leg.

Whole: shell-on crab in its natural round form.

Meat Packs:

  1. Combo – complete extracted leg meat ontop and bottom with salad meat in-between:proportions of salad to leg meat varies:60/40: 70/30: 75/25: 80/20
  2. Salad Meat – crab shoulder meat and tips.
  3. Leg meat (merus) – complete extracted leg meat.

Snap and Eat Clusters/Sections: shell-on legs are pre-scored for easy crackingand eating.

Claws (cap-off): upper cap (shell) of the claw is removed foreasy eating.

Split Clusters/Sections: leg shells are partially removed along the lengthto expose the meat.

Additional Information

Harvesting Season: April to November

Average Commercial Weight 1.0 to 1.5 kg

Average Commercial Length 10 cm (carapace)

Nutritional Analysis (per 100 g of steamed meat)

Energy 90 cal
Protein 18.5 gA
Lipids 1.8 gAA
Cholesterol 55 mg

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