Seafood Expo North America 2020

Seafood Expo North America 2020

Since its inception some 30 years ago, the Seafood Expo North America (SENA) has been the premier trade event for seafood producers and buyers throughout the world and is the largest seafood trade event in North America. The event attracts over 22,200 buyers and suppliers of fresh, frozen, packaged and value-added seafood products, equipment, and services. Attendees travel from more than 115 countries to do business at the exposition.

At this expo, the provinces of Newfoundland and Labrador, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, and British Columbia exhibit together in the Canadian Pavilion, the largest country pavilion at the show. The  provinces work together to assist Canadian companies in maintaining their current position in the US market and increasing their competitive position in this region and internationally.

Exhibitors in the Canadian Pavilion include fish and seafood harvesters, growers, suppliers, government departments, and associations.

Quebec (Booth #1223)
Groupe MDMP
Unipêche M.D.M.
Cusimer (1991) Inc.
Gagnon et Fils Ltée
Producteurs de homards de Grande Rivière (9061-7218 Québec Inc.)
Fumoir Grizzly Inc.
Poissonnerie de Cloridome Inc.
Quebec Fish Processors Association (AQIP)


British Columbia (Booth #1451)

Aqualine Seafood Ltd.
Jock Bray, President
[email protected]
Salmon, roe, fresh-frozen filleted hake, black cod, flounder and ground fish (rock fish, lingcod, sole, etc.)


Arbutus Cove Enterprises Inc.
Steven Klees, Owner
[email protected]
Salmon (king, Coho, sockeye, pink, chum), Dungeness crab, halibut, cod, black cod, ground fish and shrimp


Blundell Seafoods Ltd.
Robert Kaleks, Purchasing & Sales Manager
[email protected]
Lois Lake Steelhead, Atlantic Salmon, Groundfish, Smoked Salmon


Calkins and Burke Ltd.
Blair Calkins, Head of Special Projects
[email protected]
Salmon (king, Coho, sockeye, pink, chum), halibut, black cod, herring and caviar


Canadian Fishing Company
Dar Brinham, Sales Manager
[email protected]
Wild salmon, smoked salmon, groundfish and hake


 Coastline Market Inc.
Robert Kirstiuk, CEO and Co-founder
[email protected]
Online market platform


Effingham Oysters Inc.
Mica Verbrugge, Director
[email protected]
Pacific Rim Petites (cocktail size), Pacific oyster, Effingham Oyster (XS, medium and large sizes), Pacific oyster


French Creek Seafood Ltd.
Brad Mclean, General Manager
[email protected]
Salmon (king, coho, sockeye, pink, chum), halibut, black cod and shrimp


Humble and Frank Foods Ltd.
Bradley Preez, President
[email protected]
Seafood marinades


North Delta Seafoods Ltd.
Lynn Normoyle, Manager, Sales & Logistics
[email protected]
Salmon, albacore tuna, ling cod, ikura (salmon caviar), pacific hake, pacific herring, sea cucumber, spot prawn, pacific sole, sardines, sea urchins, pacific pollack, Dungeness crab and cold-water shrimp


Ocean Wise Program
Claire Dawson, Senior Science Lead
[email protected]
Sustainability program for restaurants, retailers and seafood suppliers


Orca Specialty Foods Ltd
Kevin Horgan, General Manager
[email protected]
Cold Smoked finfish (Sockeye, Steelhead, Atlantic, Chum, Black Cod), Hot Smoked finfish (Sockeye, Steelhead, Atlantic, Chum, Black Cod, Trout Cod), Fresh salmon


Pacific Rim Shellfish Corp
Chelsea Sang, Business Development Manager
[email protected]
Dungeness crab, geoduck, pacific oysters, sea urchin, clams and mussels


Pacific Sea Cucumbers Harvesters Association
Thom Liptrot, President of PSCHA
[email protected]
Sea cucumber


Pacific Urchin Harvesters Association
Geoff Krause, Executive Director
[email protected] 
Red sea urchin and green urchin


SeaAgra Seafood Brokerage
Robert Shaw, Manager
[email protected]
Salmon (king, Coho, sockeye, pink, chum), steelhead, sablefish, trout and sturgeon


Underwater Harvesters Association
Katie Lindsay, Marketing Coordinator
[email protected]


Walcan Seafood Ltd.
Grant McNeil, Sales Manager
[email protected]
Salmon (king, Coho, sockeye, pink, chum), pacific herring, spot prawn, caviar, kazunoko (herring roe), sea cucumber and sea urchin